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5 Week Intensive Course: MBA Bootcamp
What is the MBA Bootcamp all about?
If you are interested in a improving your business skills, this course is for you!

The MBA Bootcamp is a five week course that introduces students to key topics and concepts covered in an MBA curriculum. The goal is to provide a concise introduction of the critical business topics of an MBA in a short period of time. An understanding of these topics will help students solve business problems by developing their analytical skills. The course will cover key items across a variety of business disciplines from finance and accounting, to marketing, economics and information technology. The bootcamp also covers other skills required to be successful, including written and oral communications, networking, interviewing, and conducting a job search.

The course is beneficial to professionals interested in improving their business skills, including those with a technical, creative, academic, legal, administrative, or medical background. The course is also very useful to individuals that are considering entering an MBA program by introducing them to the key topics.

The course is comprised of five 3-hour sessions. An Apple Inc. case study is used to bring relevance to the various elements discussed. Students apply each business concept discussed to the Apple case. We believe that this hands-on, interactive approach helps students better understand key concepts by applying them to real world situations.

While there are many business courses available, most courses focus on a single topic area such as cost accounting, structured finance, or marketing. This course covers a wide range of topics and helps you improve your overall business acumen. Once you finish this course you will have a better understanding of key business principles and can choose areas to further develop your skills.

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The Bottom Line:
The business world is challenging, interesting, and very competitive. If you want to improve your business skills to help you in your current career, or to transition to a new one, this course will help you.
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